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United Way and WLC partnership review 2016

United Way Winnipeg and the WLC have had a long standing, constructive working relationship that goes back to the founding in 1965.  It’s a legacy and impact that union members and activists have every reason to be proud of.  On an annual basis United Way supported programs and services are accessed by an average of 1 in 3 Winnipeggers.  In 2015 the organization celebrated our 50th anniversary, that’s half a century of community impact! 


In 1988 the two national organizations, Canadian Labour Congress & United Way-Centraide Canada signed a joint declaration of principles.  This document laid out the points on which the two seemingly different groups agreed and set some basic parameters for further joint work.  For example, both organizations “share a common vision of building a society which provides a wide range of social and public services which are accessible, universal and of the highest quality”.  The statement also committed to continuing the relationship as long as these joint principles are honoured. 


This formal relationship took another step forward in 2012 when the CLC & UWCC signed a National Partnership Agreement.  This agreement includes a statement acknowledging the two organizations’ shared vision as well as outlining some partnership principles & practices.  It also commits the two parties to sitting down and reviewing the state of the partnership every 5 years. 


The WLC is proud to say that we’ve built a strong relationship with United Way.  For years we held annual Days of Caring with Rossbrook House and encouraged our affiliates to support the work being done in our community through United Way.


It was a natural progression for our two groups to sign our own partnership agreement in January of 2016.  This decision not only formalized our relationship and provided some basic points to start from but it also signaled the beginning of the next phase of our relationship.  We’re committed to finding new ways to honour and acknowledge the contributions that union members have made to our Community.  If your local is interested in learning more, please contact our office and ask to speak to our Labour Director.


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